KTM Developer Launches New Company

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Alexander Goerke, one of the most experienced and respected developers in the field of intelligent document recognition (IDR), has started a new company. Skilja, which is based in Germany, is focused on the area of document understanding. According to the company Web site, “Skilja.com features several articles per month about the technology of document understanding and decision making…Skilja is also company that actively works in producing software for document understanding. We do this either through consulting and project management in cooperation with other companies or by programming our own components.”

For the last several years, Goerke has been with Kofax, which acquired a previous company he started, called LCI. LCI’s technology has been incorporated in Kofax’s Transformation Modules (KTM), which have been a key element in the Irvine, CA-based ISV’s successful move upstream in the document capture market. Previous to founding LCI, Goerke was with SER AG, where his team created the Distiller capture product, which is now sold by Brainware, a competitor of Kofax’s in the IDR space. Georke has been in the capture market since 1993.

We look forward to following the progress of his new company, as well as reading his posts on the emerging market of “document understanding.

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