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Lawsuits Down

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Using a slower day to go through some back e-mails, I came across this fairly comprehensive summary detailing the results of a survey on corporate legal affairs. Surprisingly, it indicates that lawsuits in 2006-2007 were down from the previous year. The survey was conducted by a law firm, which corresponded with some 250 coroporations.

The summary doesn’t speculate that improved RM is one of the reasons for the reduced rate of corporate lawsuits, but findings like, “…81% of U.S. companies said they had reviewed their retention policies over the previous 12 months,” indicate to me that better RM might have something to do with it. Another interesitng tidbit I is the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are not having much effect on litigation practices to date. This is something we predicted a couple years ago, as the rules as we read them, didn’t seem to have too much teeth.

As I said, the survey summary is fairly lengthy, but it’s at least worth giving a cursory read-through. It touches on relevent topics like e-discovery, RM, records retention, and all that good stuff.



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