Legal Depts. Cutting Costs

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Here’s a press release about a survey that talks about the pressure that corporate legal depts. are under to cut costs. You can get a copy of the complete survey through a link at the bottom, and we hope to see it and check it out more fully this week. But, it promises “an overview of the strategies, systems and management tools that law departments for U.S. organizations are using to cope with current economic challenges.” Just curious if any of these strategies involve improved records management, which should cut down on e-discovery outlay. We’ll have an article on that in this week’s edition of DIR.

Also, here’s an interesting press release about ColorTrac providing multiple 40-inch wide-format scanners to the Lebanese government for scanning election results.
We’ve never heard of the use of WF scanners in elections and have put in an e-mail to ColorTrac asking about the logistics behind the scanner choice.

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