Lexmark’s Perceptive Software Launches Perceptive Cloud Share

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Lightweight, scalable solution offers best-of-breed rich content management in the cloud

SHAWNEE, Kan. – (10 July 2014) Lexmark’s Perceptive Software announced the release of Perceptive Cloud Share, a lightweight, scalable and intuitive cloud solution that simplifies the sharing and collaboration of enterprise social content, including rich media.  Built upon the Perceptive Evolution platform, Perceptive Cloud Share brings customers best-of-breed rich content management in the cloud, making rich media content available from any device, anywhere.

 The volume of videos, images and other rich media content continues to grow in the enterprise. Perceptive Cloud Share helps businesses realize the full value of this content by storing it in the cloud and securely delivering the content both within the firewalls and outside of the organization—without compromising security or overburdening IT. “Perceptive Cloud Share is a cloud-based service that simplifies the capture, storage and sharing of content and rich media, helping customers solve the unstructured information challenges associated with large video, photo and audio files,” said Perceptive Software CTO Brian Anderson. “Rich functionality combined with enterprise-grade access control—all built on the Perceptive Evolution platform—make Perceptive Cloud Share an ideal “Corporate Tube” solution,”

 Capable of storing content in the cloud or connecting to existing storage systems, Perceptive Cloud Share manages large rich media files without the additional infrastructure overhead required for storing and moving these files on the premises. Leveraging the robust video management features of Perceptive Media, Perceptive Cloud Share allows users to upload diverse file formats to the application, where they are transcoded, optimized and made available for streaming to a broad range of devices. Users can upload and share video files from any device, and they can also add custom metadata, search videos and even add bookmarks and comments to specific sections of videos.

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