M-Files Extends Salesforce Customer 360 with Integrated Access to All Enterprise Information

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AI-powered intelligent information management platform enables unified access to customer-related documents and data stored in other enterprise repositories directly within Salesforce

M-Files Corporation, the intelligent information management company, today announced the general availability of an all new information management solution for Salesforce. M-Files for Salesforce seamlessly integrates M-Files content services directly within the familiar Salesforce user interface, providing easy access to out-of-the-box document management, compliance and governance features via the user interface where Salesforce users spend most of their time throughout the day.
M-Files for Salesforce brings a full set of purpose-built, AI-powered information management capabilities to Salesforce, including cloud and on-premises content repositories, version history, security, collaboration, workflows, eSignatures, compliance support and more. It also eliminates the need to migrate any data by providing direct access to a broad set of external repositories and other line of business applications, such as on-premises file shares, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, legacy ECM systems, such as OpenText, and ERP applications, like NetSuite and SAP. M-Files improves daily productivity by allowing Salesforce users to stay focused on the accounts and related opportunities they are working on without having to switch to other applications to find the important related documents and other information they need to move deals forward.
In September of 2018, Salesforce announced their Customer 360 initiative with the goal to “unify the customer experience on the world’s #1 CRM platform.” The announcement went on to state that, “With Customer 360…companies will have a complete, up-to-date, contextually relevant profile of the customer.” According to Datamation, an eWeek research and analysis firm, “Unstructured data represents 85 percent or more of corporate data.” Unstructured data includes office documents like those from Word, Excel and PowerPoint, email, video and audio files, chat, and more. This fact mandates that any enterprise system must integrate this vital information to optimise its effectiveness and realise its full value. Of critical importance is elevating the relevant documents and data from the rest, the key to which is establishing its relevance based on its relationship to the customer, the “contextually relevant profile” described as one of the key objectives of the Salesforce Customer 360 initiative.
“It is all about being able to discern the relevance of information to the task at hand, and then quickly and intuitively surface it to the user when they need it,” said Mika Javanainen, VP of Product Marketing at M-Files. “Relevance is driven by context, which in this case is established by the relationship to the customer of interest. M-Files has been speaking about and offering a 360-degree view of information based on essentially any relationship or property important to the organisation to establish context and relevance, for instance, customers, contacts, projects, cases and so on. This couldn’t be more perfectly aligned with Salesforce Customer 360.”
M-Files for Salesforce employs AI to automatically extract information insights and important relationships to establish context, such as the customer relationship, so documents and other important data automatically and dynamically “show up” where and when they’re needed. Modern AI-powered features, including auto tagging and auto classification, create deep insights into the meaning, value and sensitivity of information. This increases productivity while also guiding users and automating processes to maintain governance and compliance, which dramatically increases the value of any Salesforce deployment.
“The Salesforce platform serves as a critical anchor for our sales and customer service operations,” said Troy Adams, head of technology at VDA, a firm offering design and engineering services for elevators, escalators, moving walks and lift systems. “With its new, seamless integration into Salesforce, M-Files helps us streamline our sales processes by enabling teams to access and manage all related documents and structured data from any system or repository without ever leaving the familiar Salesforce UI.”
To learn more about enriching the user experience and value of Salesforce with M-Files, visit here: https://www.m-files.com/en/salesforce-integration.

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