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Mavel resigns from Scan-Optics

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Don’t read too much into Jim Mavel’s surprise resignation from Scan-Optics yesterday The official reason being given is “personal reasons,” which is usually not a good sign. Throw on top of that the fact that the resignation came in only a couple weeks before the comapny’s scheduled earnings release and it ocurred on a Thursday night after business hours, and we smelled trouble.

Scan-Optics execs however, did a good job at damage control and Mavel close friend and long-time co-worker, Scan-Optics, VP of Sales Dick Goyette called us to assure us things are going well as the long-time scanner vendor. Goyette, in fact, told us the company had just completed one of the most successful quarters in the company’s history, including landing a $2.7 million deal with the South Carolina Department of Revenue and signing up UK distributor Headway and Beltway-based Promark to distribute its SO Series of scanners.

Fourth quarter numbers are due out March 31, which may or may not shed some light on the reasons behind Mavel’s resignation. We will say we always enjoyed working with Jim over the years and found him an interesting interview with an engaging personality. We will miss having him at Scan-Optics.

He is being replaced on a temporary basis by a long-time board member andt he company has also hired a new COO to replace Michael Villano who died last year.


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