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Metastorm is a BPM player that has played on the fringes of the document imaging space for more than 10 years. Heck, we wrote about them in 2000, when their market was still called “workflow.” At that time, Metastorm was touting revenue of around $30 million, up five times from two years previous. While its growth hasn’t maintained that level, it has still been impressive. We recently came across an article that said Metastorm is anticipating $90 million in revenue in 2009 compared to $77 million in 2008. This is projected organic growth (what recession?). The company is also seriously involved in aquisition talks.

We’re not sure what sort of company Metastorm would be buying, but we have heard rumors that Global 360 is up for sale. On the flip side, apparently (according to the prior referenced article), Open Text is considering a BPM acquisition.

Anyhow, that’s just a brief Metastorm update. Oh yes, apparently Metastorm filed an S-I last year before thinking better of going public and pulled back.

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