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New Scanners: Kodak Upgrades and Faster Front Office Scanning

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Sorry if you read this earlier, before I completed it. I was in the Philly airport, heading to NYC for a Nuance analyst briefing, and had to board my plane. AT&T Internet access in Philly is a nice feature…anyhoo…

Kodak made three scanner upgrades announcements yesterday. Faster Trupers, a new entry-level LVP model – the i1405, and a network administration tool for its Scan Station 500s. The network admin tool is probably the coolest of the three announcements. Kodak held a conference call for press and analysts to discuss the news, and the IDC guy brought up an interesting question. Could the Kodak network management tool manage other MFPs. I thought Will Hebert of Kodak gave an interesting answer: “That was a bridge too far to cross for this release. It is certainly a possibility for the future.”

In other recent scanner news, both Fujitsu and Panasonic came out with new scanners that they touted as bringing more speed to the front-office. An interesting concept. I’m not sure the market is there yet, but heck, why not? People are certainly scanning more than ever. FCPA introduced its faster scanner yet, the 6800. Panasonic introduced a higher-level workgroup model, with a bigger ADF and a rated speed of 40 ppm/80 ipm.

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