Opait Software Announces Two New Products That Advance Use of PDF Documents

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Denver, CO – Opait Software, a provider of advanced PDF software for creation, manipulation and unstructured document parsing  has announced two new products that make working with PDF-based documents even easier.
The first, Opait PDF Creator, is a high performance server-based application that supports production-grade automation to create text PDFs from scanned document images. Opait PDF Creator includes support for conversion of TIFF and other image formats into fully-formatted and searchable PDF documents and includes a GUI for configuration of automated import/export and a .NET interface to enable integration with other applications.
Opait Tesseract Studio is also available as a freeware license. Designed to enable easy viewing and manipulation of Tesseract OCR data within a PDF, the application is designed as an entry-level application to aid with common Tesseract OCR problems. It includes an easy-to-use GUI that displays OCR only, image only, and OCR overlayed over the image. Using powerful editing tools, users can merge or separate sections, delete, or correct OCR data directly from within the PDF document.
“We’re very excited about making these new products available as they further our efforts to make the most-popular business document format more accessible and more useful than ever.”, said Farhad Khalfi, Opait Software’s CTO. “PDF, unlike other business document formats, is more-difficult to create and parse. As a result searchable PDF documents do not mirror their image-only counterparts resulting in fragmented and misaligned text. Copy-pasting of data from PDF to another application is problematic at best. Our products are designed to make PDF documents reliable from a data perspective.”

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