Orbograph Launches Cloud-Based EOB Service

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Recognition technology specialist Orbograph has launched a cloud-based service for capturing data from Explanation of Benefit (EOB) forms in the healthcare industry. Orbograph, which has its sales and marketing operations based in Billerica, MA, has long been a leader in the check capture space. It recent years, it has looked to move into the document imaging market, leveraging its Key-Pay Convene platform, which basically applies Orbograph’s automatic recognition technology to capture as much data from forms as possible, and then uses a fleet of keyers to enter any data that couldn’t be recognized with a high enough confidence rate. We’re assuming the same type of concept is being utilized in the new P2Post™(paper-to-post) Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution.

P2Post has been implemented at a “major US pharmacy provider.” According to the press release, “Orbograph P2Post can provide savings of 40-60% compared to the manual entry of EOB Service Line information, which can approach 40-50 cents per service line. The Orbograph P2Post solution was also benchmarked during the proof of concept process with near zero defects or errors on the EOB data originating from documents with single service lines to as many as 900. This accuracy level is up to 10 times superior to manual processes.”

EOB’s have long been an area of focus in the document capture market, and lately we’ve been seeing more signs, like this announcement) that our industry is finally making some progress in this area.

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