P3iD Cloud introduces P3iD Cloud SecureScan (TM), a highly secure IoT business productivity platform

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Silicon Valley, CA- September 4, 2017:  Reducing operational costs, providing delightful client experiences and creating business advantages. are all keys a successful organization. P3iD Cloud is proud to introduce P3iD Cloud SecureScan, a highly secure end-to-end IoT business productivity platform.
“In the current IT environment of transition from on-premise technology, to more cloud-based applications, P3iD Cloud SecureScan is the ideal platform of choice for organizations in all industries of all sizes, to build the perfect solution, which fits their specific organizational requirements,’ explained Kevin Neal, CEO of P3iD Cloud. “Every organization, and every business is different. Be it the technology used, their business process or, most importantly, how their people work. It’s critically important that P3iD Cloud SecureScan affords extreme flexibility.”
P3iD Cloud SecureScanTM platform highlights:

  • A modular IoT platform of (1) ingest data, (2) understand data and (3) utilize data
  • Secure hybrid-storage provides flexibility for individual business workflows
  • Reduce costly labor expense of manual key-entry with document automation technologies
  • Provides the ability of the platform to scale with the size or functionality needed in the future

As a true IoT platform, P3iD Cloud SecureScan is ubiquitous for ingestion of data, whether from mobile devices, existing electronic documents, digital copiers/document scanners or voice understanding. Also, with a plug-in architecture, the data understanding technology can be as simple, or as robust, as the client needs it to be to fit their requirements. Lastly, the highly secure hybrid-storage configuration options, developed in conjunction with FortressSecure, affords organizations piece of mind to utilize their data, which is safe from hackers.
P3iD Cloud SecureScan is easy to implement without major business disruption. Simple user operation and administrative tools allow organizations to avoid costly support fees. Designed with modern cloud technologies, P3iD Cloud SecureScanTM allows for native interoperability with millions of third-party software applications, without special software customization. The extreme flexibility of P3iD Cloud SecureScan will appeal to CEO, CTO, CIO and IT administrators alike, as one P3iD Cloud SecureScan platform provides the tools to better manage their businesses.
Availability of P3iD Cloud SecureScan
P3iD Cloud SecureScanTM is available immediate and pricing is based on configurations and utilization.
Partners for P3iD Cloud SecureScan
If you would like to consider becoming a P3iD Cloud SecureScanTM partner, whether technology, business or subject matter expertise related, then please visit http://p3idcloud.com/TC/

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