Parascript Delivers Fully-Automated Configuration for Advanced Capture

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Longmont, Colorado, Nov. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Parascript, which offers document automation software that processes over 100 billion documents annually, today announced the availability of FormXtra.AI with Zero Configuration. Building upon the Cascade Classifier introduced in FormXtra 6.4 in the spring of 2018 and Smart Learning capability introduced with FormXtra.AI in August of this year, the software now completely automates configuration using your sample data.
This ground-breaking capability is significant because it eliminates much of the upfront work usually required by any advanced capture system while being fully optimized from day-one. Once the tagged sample data is imported, FormXtra.AI automatically configures the system to classify, locate and extract the right data for all incoming documents based on this sample data.
“Advanced capture has always had a scaling problem—not with respect to throughput—but when it comes to adoption. For all of these capture vendors, the real challenge has always been that to get their capture systems to work well has required hundreds, if not thousands of hours spent on configuring classification and extraction rules, depending on the complexity of the project,” Greg Council, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management. “With FormXtra.AI, you only need to import your sample data and push a button so we’ve effectively removed the largest expense associated with advanced capture – configuration of the system. It works on all document types, structured forms, semi-structured and unstructured documents.”
One important prerequisite to reliably locate and extract information is image quality. FormXtra.AI plays a key role here as well.
Addressing Image Quality Issues
Common image quality problems include images that are too light, contain speckling, are shifted and inappropriately scaled. Black and white images, especially through fax, can be extremely challenging. This has always required creating a number of different rules to adapt to different scenarios of image quality. In the new release of FormXtra.AI, image preprocessing functions have been added to the Smart Learning process. FormXtra.AI configuration takes into consideration the image quality of all of the samples and automatically applies the right logic to optimize images of all types.
“FormXtra.AI now automates even image perfection configuration and can handle a wide variety of image quality problems regardless of source such as mobile or fax. We are working to completely eliminate the traditional image quality challenges of multi-channel advanced capture, too,” explained Council.
Representative Sample Data and Machine Learning
The concept of “garbage in, garbage out” takes on a whole new meaning when considering the application of machine learning. Data used to train the system must be both adequate in size and representative of the overall production data, or the results will be negatively affected. Unfortunately, knowing how to properly curate training data to ensure high performance is complex. Once in production, maintaining performance using production data is risky due to changes in the nature of the documents.
“That’s a potential problem, but we’ve solved that, too,” Council said. “FormXra.AI automatically collects and curates sample data in the background, analyzing it against the original data sets to ensure any new data does not adversely affect performance due to temporary shifts in document quality or data layouts.”
“Whether we’re talking about eliminating the necessity of templates through automated configuration or dramatically accelerating document acquisition to BPA submission, what matters most from my perspective is how this impacts our clients,” said Bill Johnson, Vice President of Global Sales. “FormXtra.AI is a real game changer in three ways. First, it dramatically shortens the Time to Live so that the client is up and running almost immediately. Second, it no longer requires a staff of programmers to deploy and maintain it. And last, FormXtra.AI offers real-time adaptability. FormXtra.AI learns and adapts to new documents and changes in documents on-the-fly. This means there’s far less business interruption with no training or retraining required.”
Parascript will be demonstrating high performance FormXtra.AI with zero configuration in the upcoming November 15 FormXtra.AI Overview webinar with a walk-through of the new release. FormXtra.AI adapts to changing streams of documents in the background while documents are processed. Registration is open to all.

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