Perceptive Offers New Angle on ROI

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We’ve certainly heard a lot of cost justifications for document imaging systems over the years. Improved workflow is probably the most significant one, with compliance/improved records management being number two. Lately, there have been efforts made to link document imaging to green initiatives. Perceptive Software recently came up with a new benefit – healthier employees. This is achieved by elminating the mold associated with box-stored documents.

From the press release:“’We had over 800 boxes absolutely loaded with education records that we didn’t need to keep,’ said said Doug Wamer, Antioch University Director of Record Administration and Compliance Officer.”‘With ImageNow, the institution felt safe eliminating the hard copies and moving to the digital form so we could access the information more quickly and better serve our customers.’

“Wamer said many of the stored boxes were filled with mold. Employees who frequently worked with the documents were getting sick, missing days of work and experiencing a range of health problems.

“’Some of our employees working with those documents would get sick for days. Getting rid of the old, moldy paper in storage was a milestone for us–it made for a better, healthier work environment where employees were able to work more efficiently,’ said Wamer.”

There you go.

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