Power of BPM

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This is a fairly interesting release about the power of business processing management (BPM) – which is gaining attention on the national front. BPM is of course the successor to the workflow technology imaging vendors helped pioneer. BPM is to ECM as workflow is to document imaging:

“Wanted to share with you the results from from a poll conducted by Exigen at the ACORD/LOMA insurance conference in May 2004. The results give a glimpse into the mind of insurance managers and executives, to reveal what they think are the most prevalent symptoms of business process inefficiencies in their business.

The poll revealed nine in ten (89 percent) insurance executives say inefficient business processes are having a negative effect on their organizations. Staff morale and productivity suffer as a result, but almost half (49 percent) of insurers still have no business process quality assessment in place. Some of the most common symptoms of business process inefficiency are customer inquiries resulting in a flurry of internal calls and emails, as well as a reliance on complex workarounds that make it difficult for more junior staff to take on tasks because there aren’t intuitive systems in place. ”

That came from a BPM company called Exigen.



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