A2iA & Zenmonics Partner to Deliver Self-Service Automation and  Digital Transformation for Expanded Omnichannel Workflows,  including Customer Credentialing and OnBoarding

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New York, October 23, 2017 – A2iA (@A2iA), an award-winning developer of artificial intelligence and machine-learning based software for the worldwide data capture, document processing, and payment systems markets, today announced a partnership with Zenmonics, a software organization that brings intuitive omnichannel solutions to the fin-tech market. Under the terms of the agreement, Zenmonics has integrated a2ia Mobility, a patented software toolkit, into channelUNITED, a leading omnichannel platform that streamlines a financial institution’s Digital, Sales and Service, Origination, and Teller platforms into a single solution. With this new integration, bank customers and associates will now be able to perform the capture, image analysis and data extraction of identity documents in a self-service environment for workflows such as customer credentialing, onboarding and secure disbursements.
“Digital transformation changes the experience banks offer customers at every interaction point,” said Jeff Jones, Chief Operation Officer, Zenmonics. “By integrating A2iA’s flexible and scalable toolkit with our solution, we simplify the customer identification process by eliminating time consuming manual steps that are often imposed on both customers and bankers. This translates to an intuitive and streamlined experience wherever customers choose to interact.”
channelUNITED® offers a pluggable architecture that supports all bank channels, including those inside the branch such as on desktops, tablets and kiosks, as well as those with remote agents and workforces. Financial institutions gain simplicity and consistency, and users see real-time access to data that can be shared between their applications and the enterprise.
About A2iA  Award-winning with research and development at its core, A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis (www.a2ia.com), is a science and R&D driven software company with deep roots in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. With simple, easy to use and intuitive toolkits, A2iA delivers add-on features to speed automation, simplify customer engagement and quickly capture all types of printed and handwritten data from documents – whether captured by a desktop scanner or mobile device. By enhancing solutions from systems integrators and independent software vendors, A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all types of documents to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility as printed or digital data. For more information, visit www.a2ia.com or call +1 917-237-0390 within the Americas, or +33 1 44 42 00 80 within EMEA, India or Asia.
About Zenmonics Zenmonics leads the financial technology industry in digital transformation financial solutions. channelUNITED®, our flagship product, confronts the challenge of dissociated systems and channels with a pluggable architecture that supports all bank channels on a single platform – including online and mobile banking, account opening, banker sales & service, teller and kiosk. At Zenmonics, we know all interactions should make our clients’ lives (and their customers’ lives) easier. That’s why our solution does the heavy lifting—so banks don’t have to.
Media Inquiries: A2iA Communications [email protected] Americas: + 1 917.237.0390 EMEA, India, APAC: +33 (0)1 44 42 00 80

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