Six of the Top Oil

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Six of the top oil & gas companies have selected BeyondRecognition to provide automatic document classification and attribute extraction technology for their IG initiatives such as file share remediation, migration of content to enterprise content management systems, or consolidation of paper and electronic document silos.

Looking to sort through mounds of unstructured files and determine which ones need to be retained as records.

“One energy company we work with had 4.6 million documents we were able to turn into 200,000 clusters,” said John Martin CEO of Memphis, TN-based ISV Beyond Recogition. “We quickly determined that the 50 largest clusters were error messages, so we were able to immediately throw away a million documents. We also determined that only 22,000 of the clusters were the type of records managed in their ECM system, so we were able to discard another 129,000 clusters.”

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