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Sphereon integrates blockchain technology in SharePoint

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Blockchain is now available for everyday documents and transactions. Since the introduction of blockchain technology in SharePoint by Sphereon this week, the technology is now available for large-scale and daily use. The blockchain technology is used to guarantee the uniqueness and identity of objects, like documents, permanently. Microsoft SharePoint is widely used for large-scale information exchange and online collaboration within a group or organization.

New technology
The blockchain technology enables to keep an unalterable, online public register of documents and all kinds of transactions, without the intervention of a third party, like a solicitor or notary. Network users automatically check a document, contract or transaction via mathematical principles is valid or not, and then capture it. The recorded registration cannot be changed guaranteed after placement.

Completely reliable and tamperproof
For SharePoint users using blockchain means that sharing all kinds of documents, from ID cards to contracts and transactions, is 100% reliable. The original registered document cannot be changed unnoticed. The identity of the document, and each time it is shared and distributed further, can now be recorded and tracked.

Big changes
The promise of blockchain is that many more things can be recorded this way and that those records be trusted by anyone. Many initiatives have been started by banks, industry, governments to explore blockchain technology. In the years ahead blockchain will bring about big changes, precisely because of the openness and accessibility will increase usage.


Sphereon is a startup by software specialists from the traditional document processing space who decided to do things differently.

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