Square 9 Releases Their Most Powerful Platform Yet with GlobalSearch 5.0

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New Features Build on the Strength of a Powerful Web-Based Interface

 NEW HAVEN, CONN., September 5, 2019 – Square 9 Softworks, a leading provider of award-winning process automation solutions, has announced the latest release of its Enterprise Content Management software, GlobalSearch 5.0. Completely re-engineering the document viewer, Square 9 introduces an enhanced user experience, while delivering brand new tools for increasing office productivity. Some of the newest features include; enhanced image quality, annotating records, adding digital signatures to documents, keyboard shortcuts and an all-new Task panel that provides a single place for any work residing in GlobalSearch Queue that requires your attention.
The most significant contribution to this release is the re-engineered document viewer, with a more functional and dynamic interface for our user community to interact with. The new viewer has the ability to reorder pages through dragging and dropping of thumbnails, with functionality to easily insert, delete and replace pages.
“The focus of the 5.0 release was exclusively on enhancing the overall user experience”, said Stephen Young, CEO of Square 9. “In addition to all of the new functionality introduced within the document viewer, this release also features dozens of user-based requests. Our goal was to deliver the best possible experience in an ECM product and we’re confident this is truly the very best GlobalSearch release to date.” Young added.
GlobalSearch 5.0 also introduces a wide variety of shortcuts for the document viewer that benefits users who prefer to keep their hands on the keyboard. Instead of navigating a mouse or touchpad when working with documents, users can select multiple documents and merge them into a single record with ease.
With the release of GlobalSearch 5.0 Square 9 remains committed to user feedback, demonstrating their continued commitment to customer innovation. For more information please visit http://info.square-9.com/globalsearch50-whats-new.

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