Square 9 Softworks Announces Joint Development Project with Fujitsu on fi-7300NX Scanner

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NEW HAVEN, CONN., October 3, 2018 – New Haven based Square 9® Softworks, Inc., announced today their release of GlobalForms 10.2 which includes new functionality developed jointly with Fujitsu Products of America for their groundbreaking fi-7300NX Network Scanner.
At its heart, GlobalForms 10.2 allows users to easily create custom web forms for capturing transactional information and putting it into motion through customized process automation. By combining the use of web-based forms capture with the network independent image capture capabilities of the NX Scanner, Square 9 and Fujitsu have created a unified information capture platform that can be easily customized to fit virtually any customer experience.
The fi-7300NX, Fujitsu’s latest network-based scanning product, is part of a centrally managed scanning platform featuring the Paperstream NX Manager which allows for the pre-configuration of the device with the user’s credentials, customized job menus, or scan settings. By integrating with the Paperstream NX Manager’s REST API, Square 9 has developed packaged functionality which can be easily added to the GlobalForms design palette to create scan-enabled web forms. This permits users located anywhere to drive a scan-enabled information capture process that unifies the worlds of image and data capture.
By combining live data capture through web forms with web-based image capture, Square 9 and Fujitsu can simplify many processes that blend multiple sources of information media. Targeted applications include patient intake forms where personal data is entered through a web form for an employee health record (EHI) and supporting documentation, such as health history or insurance documents, are scanned behind it. Additional applications include multi-location franchises such as gas stations, fast food restaurants, and supermarkets where employee onboarding can be automated to ensure compliance with State and Federal law.
New developments in the IT industry have caused a dramatic shift from PC-based systems to environments using smart devices and thin clients. Business applications have also seen transitions from client-server model applications to those utilizing the web, smart devices, cloud, and Robotic Process Automation. With increasing demand for products to adapt to such trends, the NX Scanner was developed to be deployed anywhere people and paper come together to drive a process through PC free scanning, taking complex IT out of the end user’s hands.
“We are introducing a solution that adapts with flexibility to each organization’s unique IT infrastructure to enable more efficient and productive capture environments resulting in simpler installations and operational cost savings,” said Chief Executive Officer and President, Yasunari Shimizu, Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
“With the rapid adoption of cloud-based content management applications, it’s essential to have a strong platform for capture from local, network, and even mobile devices. Through this unified platform we can transform information coming from any media including images, forms, email, and other datadriven applications, and feed that high value information to the cloud where it’s repurposed for process automation,” stated Square 9 President and CEO, Stephen Young. “The incredible benefit this solution brings through centralized management cannot be understated. The distributed nature of modern business with the increasing need for security and compliance make this a key factor in any IT decision.

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