Square 9 Softworks Professional Services Group Announces Agile Project Management Initiative

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NEW HAVEN, CONN., November 1, 2017 – Developers of award-winning business process automation software, Square 9® Softworks Professional Services Group (S9S PSG) announced today a new initiative for Agile Project Management designed to transform their approach to solutions delivery.
With the Agile approach to professional services, a solutions delivery project is broken down into many smaller milestones by a Project Manager (PM) tasked with complete oversight of the implementation. The PM can then assign highly specialized resources to each milestone and review their completion with the customer at their convenience. This approach will help to provide greater flexibility to react to change, centralizes and improves communication, and ensures greater levels of project success.
In the case of a standard Enterprise Content Management project, the goal is for document process reengineering and improvement. High-level project milestones start with the PM, along with a Customer Success Manager, responsible for conducting the initial kick-off call and will broker all client communication throughout the project. Specialized technical resources are then assigned to handle the backend development work. The PM is also integral to coordinate go-live support and both end user and administrative training.
The end result is a project that can kick-off faster, allows for significant flexibility in responding to schedule changes, and promotes greater levels of communication and reflection among team members. This is especially effective in projects where there is a high level of innovation required.
“With our professional services group growing by more than 40% in each of the last two years, it was clear we needed a fresh approach to solution delivery,” stated Michael Frattini, Sr Vice President of Operations. “The methodology we have adopted allows us to be more responsive to the customer, more flexible in how we react to change and more specialized in the way we utilize our resources. It should create noticeable differences for both our customers and our reseller community” Frattini added.

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