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Mitek, the document recognition specialist that has transitioned its focus to check capture – and now mobile check capture – over the past couple years, is touting the results of a recent independent study that cited mobile check capture as the most compelling mobile banking feature that would influence a consumer to switch primary banks.

From a press release: “Accorindg to the study, which was conducted by Mercatus LLC, a financial services strategy firm in Boston, in response to the question, ‘What are the most important features of mobile banking that would cause you to switch primary banks,’ 43 percent of consumers interested in mobile banking cited mobile check deposit, according to the study, which was completed in May and previewed last week at the Mobile Banking and Emerging Applications Summit in New Orleans. Paying bills and checking account balances via mobile devices ranked second, both with 28 percent.”

Mitek’s stock value has increased significantly with the rise in visibility of mobile check capture. Mitek’s shares are now trading arounnd $6 per share, after trading for well below $1 less than a year ago. At last check, the San Diego-based ISV, which was on pace for less than $10 million in sales through the first six months of its fiscal 2011, had a market cap of $143 million.

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