Tidmarsh Joins Box.net

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I haven’t seen any confirmation of this yet, but it was certainly the talk of AIIM. The CEO of Box.net, which advertises itself as an on-line content management firm, apparently gave a great keynote at the recent AIIM/Global 360 event. From what I’ve picked up, it has a cool interface for on-line file collaboration and a SaaS sales model. Tidmarsh worked at Documentum and then EMC’s Content Management division, for some time, most recently as a chief marketing officer.

At the event, she told us she was leaving EMC and handed off her keynote to Jeetu Patel, CTO of EMC’s Information Intelligence Group. Box.net is apparently pretty hot, and according to this Forbes article has raised somewhere around $70 million in venture capital. So, I guess they can afford someone with Tidmash’s experience. I’m guessing Tidmarsh is being brought on board to help expand the breadth of the company’s content management offering and wouldn’t be surprised to see them add some capture technology in the near future.

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