Top DIR Stories 4 thru 6: A Pair of Acquisitions & Flesh Eating Bacteria

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Top DIR stories of 2013, numbers 4 through 6:

4. Hyland Acquires AnyDoc Software: Hyland, a BPM and ECM specialist with strong document imaging technology, had been developing its own advanced capture technology. It decided to ramp up its development efforts with the acquisition of forms processing industry pioneer AnyDoc. “We’ve been really pleased with the progress of our capture product,” said Bill Priemer, long time Hyland sales exec who was promoted to CEO in 2013 with the retirement of A.J. Hyland. “But, we only had three years of development in advanced capture, which, by industry standards, gives us an application that is considered rather basic.”

5. JBIG2 Compression Causes Major Headache for Xerox: The implementation of this advanced compression technology in Xerox’s MFPs caused quite a stir when a German computer scientist found that it had altered the numbers on several blue prints he was scanning. One journalist went so far as to compare a “document-altering scanner” to “flesh-eating bacteria.” This was probably an exaggeration, and the character changes apparently occurred only when more aggressive compression settings were turned on with smaller font and “stressed” documents. Nonetheless, Xerox eventually pulled non-lossless JBIG2 compression from its devices – kind of a bummer because the technology really has some tremendous document compression potential and is still utilized by many organizations through software implementations.

6. DocuWare acquires Westbrook: Westbrook was apparently up for sale due to some financials obligations by its principal owner – Allen & Co. Like AnyDoc, Westbrook was a pioneer in the document imaging industry, but had fallen on some tougher times recently. It did, however, maintain a strong relationship with Ricoh –  a partnership that was orginally formed with IKON more than 10 years ago. This relationship was very attractive to DocuWare, which has had much success in recent years through partnerships with MFP dealers, but did not have a formal relationship with Ricoh. Westbrook is currently operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of DocuWare.

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