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TWAIN Direct:™ Easy Scanning for Every Application

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TWAIN Direct™

Easy Scanning for Every Application

In today’s scanning environments, an image capture interface has to be employed to enable communication between the software and scanning device.  For application developers, this can pose numerous challenges.  Given the native complexity of scanning devices, it is difficult to develop feature-rich image capture solutions for a wide variety of scanning products.  Applications and drivers typically reside on the same operating system, which are often limited to desktop environments, forcing application developers to adopt proprietary solutions for user’s mobile devices.  IT personnel must install and maintain vendor specific drivers on their user’s machines.  As a result, development time to create appealing solutions for scanning device users can take months, draining valuable resources and driving up development costs.

TWAIN Direct addresses the need for something simple and direct that expedites application development and results in a feature-rich end user experience.  TWAIN Direct eliminates the need for users to install vendor specific drivers as communication between scanning devices and image capture software applications.  It supports direct network communication between mobile and desktop applications and scanning devices, including cloud platforms.  TWAIN’s initial cloud initiative is based on the collaborative efforts of the TWAIN Working Group with the Google Cloud Print team, with TWAIN’s ultimate goal being to standardize and broaden cloud support.

TWAIN Direct is derived from the proven TWAIN specification, which currently details and enables more than 150 scanning device capabilities.  As TWAIN Direct moves forward, the specification will be committed to maintaining backward compatibility, operating system independence and enhancing the standard to accommodate future technologies.

 TWAIN Direct:

·         Easier to troubleshoot problems and support new products and upgrades

·        Development time in hours or days vs. weeks or months, resulting in significant cost savings- TWAIN supplies the sample code

·        Reduces limitation to a small set of programming languages – The command language for TWAIN Direct is built upon JSON.  TWAIN Direct supports modern, human readable programming languages, to include mobile platforms now and in to the future

·        Better user experience with a full feature set best suited for any application

Built on the foundation of the industry-standard TWAIN driver specification, TWAIN Direct is a success-oriented, vendor agnostic solution that enables direct communication between scanning devices and software.   From home scanning to Service Bureau production scanning environments, TWAIN Direct will revolutionize how scanners and software communicate.

For more information on TWAIN Direct, contact Erin Dempsey, Marketing Director, TWAIN Working Group, [email protected]; PH (910) 574-6631



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