Veritas FileNET?

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So, I just did this story on Veritas paying like for e-mail archiving specialist KVS. KVS’s revenue in 2003 was one-tenth the acquisition price – which by the way was all cash. Talk about a deal for KVS! Good for those guys. They are one one of the oldest e-mail archiving products on the market, clearly saw the opporutnity early on and went for it. Their investors I’m sure made out like kings – as they only had like $37 million of venture funds in the thing.

Anyways, Veritas still has more than $2 billion on its balance sheet and runmors are they want to move further into ECM to better compete with EMC – which crossed over into Veritas’ space with the acquistion of Legato last year. Now, if FileNET would just pull the trigger on this one, I think we’d have a winner…

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