Visioneer Announces Wireless Scanner

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Ask and you shall receive might be the new motto of our blog. A week ago we wrote the following in our “Wireless Scanners on the Way” post: “My vision would be a wireless scanner or MFP that could scan an image to your smartphone or tablet, where you could preview it and then upload it to your ECM system.”

Visioneer seems to have answered the call with its new Mobility Air Scanner. The Air is basically a new rev of the original Mobility which we featured earlier this year. But, while the original Mobility was only “compatible” with the Eye-Fi memory card, the new device is integrated with the Eye-Fi and ships with it, all of the same list price of $199. Not bad, considering the Eye-Fi 4 GB card, which ships with the Air lists for like $50.

Basically the Eye-Fi contains a wireless radio that enables it to transfer images from the Mobility Air onto computing devices with wireless radios like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Its integration with the Mobility Air enables it to automatically perform this task with document images. It can also transfer the images to cloud sites like Evernote.

So, basically, you capture a document image with the Mobility Air, and it automatically shows up on your mobile computer or cloud app, without you ever have to attach a cord to anything.

More on this in our next premium issue.

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