We're the Millers

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Finally watched this fairly entertaining comedy yesterday. Not that it was on my list of things to do, but my wife and I both like fairly raunchy obnoxious (think Hangover – which this was compared to on the box, so how could I not get it) comedies and this definitely qualifies. I had rented the Blu-ray from Family Video on Saturday along with a kids/family movie. We had managed to watch the intriguing but somewhat didactic  Khubma the night we got it, but had We’re the Millers sitting around for a few days until we got rid of the kids long enough (which basically meant until we stayed up late enough to watch it. Good thing we did, because it was certainly not appropriate for kids – or at least it made me uncomfortable to watch it with them – although I’m certain my 15-year-old watches/has watched worse with his friends.

This was the second straight movie I’ve watched where Jennifer Aniston plays kind of a bad girl role, and I find her very entertaining in this model. Maybe it has to do with her playing against the caricature of her that is often portrayed in the media – remember how she was pitted as the good girl against Jon Voight’s daughter in the whole Brad Pitt sage? Anyhow, she delivers these off color roles with a solid deadpan that may just be lack of acting ability – but I find it kind of funny. Plus, she is still hot for someone my age.

The previous funny role I saw her in was the perverted dentist in Horrible Bosses, where I thought she held up pretty well next to Oscar winners like Jaimie Foxx and Kevin Spacey, who were also in that underrated comedy.

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