Websocket to Replace NPAPI for Chrome Scanning

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DynamSoft, the developer of the Dynamic Web TWAIN SDK for embedding scanning capabilities in Web-based applications, is in the process of developing a WebSocket solution to enable its customers’ applications to continue to work with Chrome browsers. DynamSoft was forced to go this route due to Google choosing to no longer support NPAPI in its latest Chrome browser versions.

From a recent article provided by DynamSoft to DIR: “Google’s decision to no longer support NPAPI required a quick address by Dynamsoft. As a result, we at Dynamsoft have concluded we will leverage the WebSocket protocol to enable document scanning in newer non-NPAPI Chrome browser versions. The WebSocket protocol is part of HTML5 and the latest versions of Chrome support HTML5.”

Read a full explanation of DynamSoft’s WebSocket strategy for creating browser-based scanning.

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