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Just posted a number of press releases on our Web site. The most interesting of which is probably Sony’s release of AIT-4. AIT is Sony’s inexpensive tape storage that is now on its third generation of WORM capabilities. When you couple the incrimental price/performance improvements in tape, along with advancements such as the recent announcement by KOM of patented technology for creating random access on tape, it makes you wonder about the future of storage. In the meantime, Plasmon of course continues to fight a brave battle to keep optical alive. The HP partnership was a big coup and now Verbatim has come on board as a second source media provider. Today, Plasmon and HP announced a UDO Web site.

With the continued work of magentic storage providers like EMC in the area of WORM storage, there are a lot of options open to imaging vendors that were not there just three or four years ago. Just another sign that this market is really coming into its own after all those years.

Final note. If you get a chance, check out Documentum’s recent press release regarding its Content Addressed Storage strategy. We’ll have more in our next (Aug. 20) issue of DIR, but it’s pretty much HSM on steroids and incoroprates factor such as workflow into the level of storage for documents. Pretty interesting stuff and could represent the future of storage and the emerging ILM characteristics it is taking on.

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