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Word out of Kofax, as you’ll see in our upcoming issue, is that while its direct sales business continues to grow – now making up like a third of enterprise software sales, sales through its channel partners is on the decline – at a rate that has pretty much offset the revenue gain brought through increasing direct sales. In a recent interview with CEO Reynolds Bish, he indicated that he thinks mid-market sales, those historically perpetuated by the channel, are being affected more by the economy than the higher-end direct sales. As a result, Bish presents the transition to direct sales as pretty much having saved the company some significant revenue shortfalls.

This is, of course, a perspective that makes him look like a hero, and there is nothing wrong with that. On the flip side, however, it’s quite possible to blame Kofax’s increasing direct sales as negatively affecting channel sales because it has potentially alienated some VARs that have been very loyal to Kofax, because, in part at least, Kofax has always been very loyal to the channel. So, are Kofax VARs’ capture sales really declining, or are these VARs just moving towards other capture products and away from Kofax?

Any feedback is appreciated.


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