Distributed Capture Wave

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We recently came across a couple of stories discussing distributed capture installations that reflect favorably on Kodak’s efforts in this segment of the market. This announcement comes out of Kofax and discusses the sale of more than $1.5 million worth of i1220 and i1320 scanners through Kofax’s distribution business to an Italian partner that is doing a distributed installation with a division of the Italian police force. Then, there’s this story about a distributed U.K. sales operation that is using some 90 Kodak i160s at distributed sites to capture orders and upload them to a centralized site for processing. (It’s a fairly detailed story and worth reading.) The U.K. installation is using Kofax’s distributed capture software.

In total, that’s something like news of 1,100 Kodak scanners being installed in distributed scanning opertations within a week. Pretty cool stuff for Kodak. Both applications are also examples of net new imaging installations- meaning centralized capture was probably not a realistic offering. Just more evidence that distributed capture (after years of discussion) has finally arrived.

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