Distributed Capture update

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I think it’s safe to say that distributed document capture has reached maturity, as every new implementation is no longer a major news story. As the technology has matured, I think we’ve all realized that there are several different levels of distributed capture, from multiple regional centers doing batch capture to remote locations doing ad hoc capture with MFPs – with several variations in between. Here’s a recent announcement from ISV GoScan that shows some of the potential benefits that distributed capture has, not just on business, but on life in general. It’s about the State of North Dakota implementing distributed capture to help track swine flu cases. Sure, they could have done this without imaging, but it sure seems like it’s going to be a lot easier to accomplish it with distributed capture. Hopefully, it can help save some lives.

On a bit of a sour note, it was pointed out to us recently that mortgage lender Taylor, Bean, and Whitaker, which as for a long time has been a marquee customer of Datacap’s distributed capture solution, has gone out of business. Of course, it was not the imaging technology, which when we talked with them was saving great amounts of money on courier expenses, that drove them out of business, but bad loans – what else? The messes we’ve seen in the mortgage industry have certainly detracted from imaging sales over the past year. It will be nice when things finally stabilize.

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