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Capture & IDP 2024 Conference

Save the Date: 4 & 5 September 2024

Interested in sponsoring this 19th annual event?

Contact contact Erin Dempsey at: Tel: +1 (910) 574-6631 or email: [email protected]

With the injection of AI, the Capture and Process Automation markets are evolving more rapidly than ever. To keep up with these changes, vendors, integrators and high-volume users of Capture & IDP software and hardware will want to join the Capture & IDP 2024 Conference

Presented by Infosource, Capture & IDP Conference 2024 is the premier educational and networking event covering technology trends and market opportunities in this space. Join your colleagues, thought leaders and subject matter experts on 4-5 September in Chicago to learn about a wide range of topics and complementary technologies that we believe will have a direct impact on your business now and in the future.

“The Capture conference is a great event that brings together the leaders of this industry – hardware, software, and services – to discuss trends in the market and look at the future together.”

Product managers, strategic planners and senior management attend Capture & IDP 2024 Conference for insights into markets, processes and approaches that benefit from capture software. 

The presentations and extensive networking help delegates develop fresh perspectives and market understanding to target key opportunities, develop more attractive products and evolve markets.


Capture software vendors, scanner and MFP/copier manufacturers, ECM platform, cloud and service and solution providers, as well as RPA vendors, attend Capture & IDP 2023 Conference.

Exploration that leads to business-changing discoveries

Capture & IDP 2024 Conference provides a deep inside exploration of the industry, the trends, and what customers want. In two well-spent days, attendees can establish a foundation for 365 days of rock-solid decision-making.

Get solid, reliable and actionable information

Get insights into key trends and technologies defining the markets

Understand what users want and their direction - emerging business direction and capture needs with the integrations required

Understand vertical market opportunities and which partners will help you succeed

Network with peers, create long term relationships, and partnerships that pay off