Capture Conference’s insights and opinions from the leading field agents in the sector provide a comprehensive pane into what channel organisations must do to deliver the right customer experience and explore where they can add value.

Capture is
  • Understand factors such as economic conditions, regulations and policies, competitors, social and other impactful changes
  • Understand the market variables and plan to deal with them to deliver more certainty
  • Develop systematic approaches to market success
Capture is
  • Make clear decisions about potential opportunities
  • Provide management with relevant, accurate, reliable, valid and current information
  • Develop targeted market messaging
  • Eliminate the costs associated with poor decision-making
Capture is
  • Select viable target markets
  • Plan for segments and implement programmes with the controls to perform
  • Vertical markets opportunities for your business

In Touch, Informed, Assured

Wide Ranging Impacts

Our industry in flux – mergers, acquisitions, horizontal solution scaling rather than traditional vertical focuses, channel consolidation, emerging markets, disruptive technologies, emerging competitors – accelerated by the global pandemic.

Information that Empowers Strategic Confidence

Capture Conference gets all the experts together to establish the way forward. Q&A sessions at every presentation give attendees the opportunity to voice concerns to the gurus of the capture industry. You can’t afford to miss it.

Giving Context to Digital Technologies

Because digital transforms everything. Capture that enables robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI), optical and intelligent character recognition (OCR and ICR), barcodes, QR codes, image recognition, voice understanding, and process automation using machine learning (ML). These technologies provide actionable insights that will dynamically change business environments.

Capture Conference is for you

At Capture Conference you understand the latest industry trends, the markets and how to position the technologies that you can use to create the strategies to succeed. Attendees gain insights into different markets, processes and approaches. They understand what they need to make their products more attractive to wider markets.

  • Capture software manufacturers
  • Scanner and manufacturers
  • MFP manufacturers
  • ECM platform providers
  • Cloud solution providers
  • RPA vendors
  • Service/solution providers
  • VARs
  • Distributors
  • Integrators

Our research indicates that the worldwide capture market opportunity is worth more than $32 billion. Only $5 billion is currently being served, $2 billion of which comes from Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

Senior management, strategic planners, and product managers attend Capture Conference to get the tools they need for long term success. In fact, 80% of our regular attendees are senior executives. 

Infosource analysts model the world’s most accurate document, print and imaging data so you have the knowledge to empower your business. Shape your business strategies, develop product and technology roadmaps, and design services that customers want.

Capture 2021 agenda topics included:

  • The Impact of COVID and Capture Market 2021 – 2025

  • The Role of Capture in CEM/CX

  • Reimagining the Public Sector in the Post-COVID World

  • Looming M-19-21 Records Management Deadlines and Opportunities for Service Bureau Sales to the Federal Government

  • The Challenges of Moving to a Cloud Platform and Opportunities for Capture

  • Secure Capture for Cloud Applications

  • Changes in the Legal Industry – the Role of Capture Beyond Paper and Email in Discovery

  • Healthcare and the Shift to Telemedicine – What Are the Capture Opportunities?


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