From this Week's DIR: ECM as a Service and Enterprise Archiving

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Here’s a couple quotes that were thought were pretty cool from stories appearing in this week’s premium edition of DIR:

From our story on the evolution of mobile scanner manufacturer Document Capture Technologies (DCT) towards more of a cloud-based services strategy: ““Basically, the goal is to take all the features of ECM and expose them as APIs that application developers can consume like any other service. This will change the economics of how ECM is delivered. Users will be able to pay as they go and add services.”

– Karl Etzel, COO, DCT

From a story on EMC’s new InfoArchive enterprise archiving system: “Putting e-mail content in one silo and database content into another does not enable organizations to get their arms around all their information very effectively. InfoArchive represents a single unified archive that can support any unstructured content source and structured data source in one place. It’s a game changer in terms of providing full visibility into all information. It will enable next-generation solutions that are not isolated to leveraging one type of data.”

– David Mennie, EMC, IIG

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