Cool Stitching Feature in Kodak Alaris-HTI EOB Offering

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Yesterday, Kodak Alaris announced it has teamed up with HTI Healthcare to offer an explanation of benefit (EOB) solution. The solution basically involves healthcare providers and third-party bill payers utilizing Kodak scanners and Capture Pro Software to feed HTI’s system–which is a cloud-based EOB processing service. HTI then returns relevant extracted data to the providers and billers, along with – get this – “fully indexed patient claim ‘stitched’ images—a single image showing only the needed patient claim record, including all required EOB header information to identify the payer. Stitched images are a vast improvement over the outdated redaction process that left large gaps in the content of the document.” We thought that was pretty cool. Bottom line is that it’s good to see continued improvements in the evolving paper EOB processing market. 

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