How The Zumbox Works

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Here’s the explanation we received from Zumbox’s PR team (They are the company being sued by Pitney Bowes for their paperless mail solution.):

As a paperless postal system, Zumbox allows for mail and other content to be sent securely as digital files. This means that a biller can send the same files that go to their printer directly through Zumbox in parallel to their paper mailings and manage the transition to paperless mail as recipients get comfortable with the new option. So in terms of technical details, the system is simply built to deliver print-ready (and other – any format) digital files to street addresses online. All mail is received at where a recipient enters their street address to effectively claim their digital mailbox; there is one for every street address in the country. It should also be noted that Zumbox is a closed system, with bank-level security and complies with PCI, HIPAA and BITS security standards.
We also received a response from Pitney Bowes and the patents appear to have to do with electronic delivery and there isn’t any talk about scanning or anything. 
However, we will say that we find Zumbox’s digital mailroom concept very intriguing – especially when potentially coupled with a scanning/service bureau operation. 

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