iManage Launches Enhanced Cloud Service Optimized for Professional Work Product Management

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Hybrid Cloud Service Delivers Faster Performance,

Enhanced Governance and Disaster Recovery 


LEGALTECH NEW YORK – February 2, 2016iManage announced today that it has significantly enhanced its cloud offerings for professionals across law firms, corporate legal, accounting and financial services through the launch of iManage Cloud.  iManage Cloud enables organizations to easily consume iManage’s leading work product management solutions – which includes document, email, and knowledge management, as well as collaboration and governance tools – with no additional IT infrastructure, and for a monthly subscription fee.

“We implemented our first cloud solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments during our tenure with HP,” said Dan Carmel, iManage’s chief marketing officer. “Over the past four years, we have refined those systems by working closely with our customers.  We applied all those lessons in the development of the new iManage Cloud. Our customers want the advantages of cloud computing without compromising functionality, performance and reliability. They demand solutions that work the way they work, integrated with the essential tools they use every day. Attorneys and other professionals expect access to critical information anytime, anywhere, whether they are connected or off line. Only iManage Cloud provides that.”

The iManage Cloud is the preferred cloud for professionals because it is the only one to offer full functionality both online and offline, giving them the ability to seamlessly work from any location, even when Internet connectivity is nonexistent. Using this hybrid approach, the iManage Cloud delivers scalable, reliable performance, with flexibility not available from other cloud offerings.

Pryor Cashman, LLP, a premier, mid-sized law firm with offices in New York City and Los Angeles, recently selected iManage Cloud for work product management. The firm will use iManage Cloud to improve accessibility for its increasingly mobile workforce, support collaboration and improve document retention processes. “For years we used an on-premises solution, but only about 40 percent of our attorneys used it because it lacked the features and user experience they required,” said Michael Cannizzaro, director of IT at Pryor Cashman.  “We tried another cloud vendor, but found that only iManage Cloud provides the robust functionality and effective user experience for our attorneys. That’s why they are the de facto standard in the legal market.” 

Professional services firms face several challenges when moving work product management to the cloud:

·         Stewardship over content: Regulatory and client concerns make it impossible to move all content to the cloud. In these instances, a hybrid approach is necessary.

·         Large files: Unlike CRM data or time and billing information, the size of a document is often in megabytes – and in some practices 100 megabytes or more. Often the public Internet doesn’t offer an effective path for document delivery. High-speed VPNs must be supported. 

·         Access whether connected or disconnected: Professionals work on planes, in courthouses, on client sites – many of which do not offer great Internet connectivity. They require full functionality whether connected or not.

“The shift in just the last four years in the willingness of legal organizations to consider – or even prefer – cloud-based applications has been remarkable and significant. However, concerns over the security of privileged and confidential work product, data privacy, and access control remain very real, very relevant, and very strong,” said Christopher O’Connor, senior research analyst at Hyperion Global Partners. “Foundational technology such as that provided by iManage is materially helping to reconcile the need for extensibility with the need for risk management. The hybrid cloud is a business solution with momentum to drive market adoption with flexible, creative and responsive deployment models.”

About iManage Cloud

iManage is the leading work product management systems used by more than 1 million professionals and staff globally. Today, 80 percent of the leading law firms across the globe use iManage Work. The iManage Cloud enables organization of all sizes to get access to this market-leading functionality all for a low monthly fee, with no additional IT infrastructure cost. 

The iManage Cloud is uniquely suited to supporting t
he needs of professionals, providing:  

·         Comprehensive functionality across document management, email management and knowledge management. 

  • ·         Integrations with other professional tools, including Microsoft Office and Exchange; time and billing; ethical walls; metadata scrubbing; and document comparison products.

  • ·         Greater control over content that can be on-premises and in iManage’s secure private cloud. Organizations can move as little or as much as they want into the cloud.

  • ·         Complete flexibility to schedule upgrades and software versions. Unlike some systems, which are taken down on the vendors’ timetable, iManage users can have updates provided on their schedule.

  • ·         Choice of domicile/data sovereignty, with data centers today in U.S. and Europe. The availability of an iManage data center in Europe alleviates any concerns about data sovereignty when collaborating with other international law firms.

With today’s announcement, the iManage Cloud delivers several key enhancements geared specifically to the needs of Work Product Management for Professional Services firms: 

·         Faster performance:  Use of the most modern hyper-converged infrastructure for compute, high performance storage with the use of flash and solid state technology and high speed network connectivity enables many operations to perform up to 6X faster than current environments.

·         Lower latency to major metros on the East Coast and the Midwest: Customers can choose between East Coast and Midwest Tier-1 data center as the primary. Enhanced high availability and disaster recovery: Besides having redundancy at every layer in a single data-center ensuring uninterrupted operations in the event of any component.  Both data centers are provisioned with identical, CPU, Network and I/O throughput with near real-time replication of data and application environment. Enabling significant improvements in the SLA’s for Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective.

·         Compliance with industry standards: The iManage Cloud is hosted in SOC2 and ISO27001 certified locations. Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit using customer unique encryption keys.

·         Advanced system monitoring and alerting: Improved tools for monitoring failures and performance and security events at the infrastructure, application and transaction levels.

·         Enhanced API’s and very flexible authentication mechanisms enabling customers and third-parties to integrate with the iManage Cloud service securely and efficiently.  

All iManage Work Product Management applications are available in the iManage Cloud including:

  • ·       
    iManage Work for document and email management
  • ·         iManage Share for secure file sharing and collaboration
  • ·         iManage Insight for enterprise search and knowledge management
  • ·         iManage Govern for archiving and records management

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