iManage Launches Information Governance And Records Management Center of Excellence

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New development center, major product update mark

industry leader’s commitment to governance


LEGALTECH NEW YORK – February 2, 2016iManage today announced the opening of an R&D and support center in Belfast, Ireland, focused on records management, information governance and security issues as they pertain to professionals and their management of work product. The emphasis of the new center will be on expansion and enhancement of iManage Govern, the company’s flagship governance software available as a cloud service or an on-premises installation. iManage Govern includes iManage Records Manager for paper and electronic records management, and iManage Archive Manager for long-term storage and governance of professional work product. The center will continue improving these existing products, and make additional developments in the areas of security, governance and information management.

In conjunction with this announcement, iManage also announced the availability of iManage Records Manager 6.3, a substantial product update that adds more than 60 enhancements designed to simplify everyday tasks, improve accountability, and provide users with greater insights that help productivity and staff allocation. One of the most important additions to this member of the iManage Govern product family is the new disposition feature that automates and enriches compliance when files are deleted, released to clients or transferred to other firms.  

“We heard clearly from our top customers that the number one issue in information management for professional services is the governance and security of client documents,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of iManage. “Professional services firms hold some of the most valuable and sensitive information that corporations have. Increasingly, the security and governance of that information in concert with increasing client demands imposes a challenge and creates new barriers to getting work done efficiently. This new initiative will focus on how to provide professional firms with the highest level of governance and security, while still enabling information to flow freely between trusted parties and improving professional productivity.”

iManage Records Manager provides customers with solutions for long-term archival and disposition of physical and electronic information in accordance with their internal governance policies and regulatory requirements. A new disposition processing function enables users to track approvers and disposition details. As files are disposed of by records staff, users may track both the reason for disposition and the actual approvers. For example, if files are released to the clients, transferred to another firm or destroyed according to a court order, notes may now be added to each file to reflect these specific instructions. In addition, iManage sells a separate module that further streamlines disposition with workflows for notifications, selection, approvals, and processing of matters and files eligible for a particular stage of disposition.

Records Manager 6.3 also enables statistical reports and searching, which provide records managers with complete visibility into activities by individual users and can assist in improving staff allocation and delivering greater insights into productivity.

Other enhancements include:

  • File label queue assignment by groups to support easier maintenance of label production
  • Client- and matter-level security can be exposed in the file label queue to provide records managers with insights into special security related to the files
  • Improved filtering on legal holds for easy identification of items under a specific hold
  • More details included about audit trails for greater accuracy
  • Improved selection and batch processing capabilities

“iManage Records Manager 6.3 is a direct response to user feedback around both process and reporting needs,” said Shawn Misquitta, senior director of Product Management for iManage. “These improvements in usability, reporting and disposition will enable our customers to be more effective at complying with their clients’ retention policies and remove bottlenecks in file circulation.“

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