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Infosource, a leading global marketing intelligence and advisory company in the Production & Industrial (P&I) printing industry, successfully operating in the EMEA region for over 30 years. During this time they have established long-lasting, trustworthy business relationships with all manufacturers as well as with thousands of individuals throughout the globe covering different industries, including Digital Color Press, Large Format Printers, B&W and Color Production Devices, Direct-to-Garment and Direct-to-Film Printers.

According to the Infosource P&I Team, the landscape in the Industrial Printing world is rapidly evolving in many and various aspects and directions. Our recent study, “European LFP Market Analysis mid-year 2023,” revealed numerous tendencies and trends within the Large Format (LF) European industry. When considering ink technologies, UV Curing continuous to be among the preferred ink type, due to its lower power consumption and wider media printing capability. Narrowing down the focus to Eastern Europe,  UV Curing unit sales increased in H1 2023 vs H1 2022 by +33.2%. Another emerging ink technology is the Latex/ Resin in which we see many new traditional and well established LFP manufacturers (e.g. Epson, Roland) entering this market.    

Moreover, having interviewed a number of people, mainly in top management positions at various LF manufacturers, it is evident that there is a high demand for the introduction of new applications and software, a wider variety of media and substrates, as well as working processes either for increased productivity or for custom made niche applications.

All these aspects will be demonstrated and analysed at the IPI Conference, that will take place on 28-29 November 2023, at Crowne Plaza Düsseldorf-Neuss. This event is  organised by ESMA, the European Specialist Printing Manufacturers Association.

During the IPI Conference, more than 60 print technology experts – global corporations, start-ups, established market players, newcomers and academic research centres – will showcase their solutions, innovative new ideas and discuss future trends within the Industrial Printing world, that lead to disruptive developments.   

Some of the participants include: Agfa, Epson, Fiery, Fujifilm Ink Solutions, IST INTECH, Kyocera, Marabu, Meteor Inkjet, Nazdar, Ricoh, Seiko Instruments, Sun Chemical, Toshiba, etc (for a complete exhibitor list, click here).

IPI’s extensive program opens with high-profile keynote speeches to inspire and inform the industry:

  • Witte Technology presents case studies of advanced screen-printed electronics in mass production of security features.
  • CCL Industries shows the newest trends in Human-Machine Interface manufacturing.
  • Saule Technologies, the world’s pioneer in perovskite solar cells, explains the inkjet printing process behind their production.
  • The European Printing Ink Association discusses the impact of current sustainability goals on the industrial printing sector.

About Infosource

Infosource, established in 1985, is a leading global analyst firm headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its worldwide team of analysts covers the Consumer, Office & Production Printing, Large & Wide Format, Digital Color Press, Direct-to-Garment, Consumer Flatbed & Document Management Scanner as well as the Intelligent Capture Software and IDP markets.

Infosource carries out in-depth analysis and guidance involving hardware, software and solutions used to automate business processes involving unstructured and semi-structured business inputs, providing model-level data for multiple industries, and assisting clients in studying long-term market trends. For more information, please visit

About ESMA

Since 1990 ESMA proudly serves the industrial printing sector. The European association for printing manufacturers in screen and digital printing has grown into an organisation representing industrial, functional and speciality print. Throughout the years ESMA developed the Knowledge Hub concept which now provides almost 70 European manufacturer members and Technology Partners with cross-technology expertise. Every ESMA member enjoys advantageous terms at major trade shows and ESMA’s own conferences. Other benefits include access to technical seminars and committee meetings. Partners and members receive support and advice regarding health, safety and environmental legislation and participate in setting industry standards. For more information visit

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