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The European Large Format Printer (LFP) market while it has been hit over the last few years, started with the lockdowns during the COVID period, followed by the shortages in microchips and spare parts, the increased transportation costs with long delivery times, and very recently with the energy crisis that deteriorated further due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, in H1 2023 the market shows a declining rate in its downward trend.

Infosource tracks with high accuracy not only the quantitative changes that take place within the European region, but also observes and follows all the mega trends as well as the local ones in every single country, and all major changes that take place in this evolving LF market environment.

Infosource’s recent study reveals and analyses all the changes occurred geopolitically, per application and ink technology. For instance, considering the total LF European market in H1 2023 vs H1 2022, the decrease in unit sales was -5.8%, by excluding the markets of Russia and Ukraine, the decrease is only -3.8%. Considering the LF applications, the CAD and Graphic Art and Soft Signage (GA+SSI) unit sales declined by -7.8% and -4% respectively. The demand for Textile printers showed a significant growth increasing by +12.5% across Europe. As for the CAD market, by excluding the Russian market, the drop is less steep for the total region, reaching a decrease of -2.7%. While considering the various ink technologies (e.g. Latex, Resin, Water-based, UV Curing, Solvent, etc.), we observe that all the above mentioned factors have influenced and in many cases disrupted the previous year’s detected trends. For instance, while the Solvent ink technology was declining steeply for several years, recently it shows signs of stabilisation at a lower level, while there is an increasing trend in Eastern Europe.

In our LFP European Market Analysis Report, you may find valuable information about the LFP market covering existing brands, new entrants, regions, countries, applications and much more. It enables you to obtain an in-depth understanding about the overall European LF market, acknowledging the opportunities and all developing trends which will help you craft and implement a successful business strategy. 

About the European Large Format Printer report and how to access it:

This report is based on statistics extracted from Infosource’s database (isDB), as well as qualitative information collected throughout various interviews and discussions with all players in the market.

For more information, please contact:  

Eirini Louizou, Head of Production & Industrial Printing [email protected] or Pandelis Voulgaris, Senior analyst Industrial Printing [email protected] .

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