Infosource provides the leading analyses and reports focused on Capture 2.0 services and relevant market segments. 

We consider the worldwide market with geographic segment analysis, surfacing key trends, technologies, and market developments to provide the market understanding needed to succeed.
Infosource Capture Software Whitepapers

Core Capture 2.0 Market Analytics reports:

Worldwide Market for Capture Software Report

This report is the recognised industry standard on the worldwide Capture Software market. It dissects the  more than $5 billion capture software market by geography, main segments, vertical markets, leading vendors, and identifies key trends. It covers the actuals of 2020 and with forecast projections extending to 2025.

Leading Capture Software Vendor Report - Infosource Market Matrix for Capture

This report reveals detailed strategic positions of the vendors and their ability to execute their strategies. It outlines the strengths and challenges faced by top 20 capture software organisations.

The Worldwide Document Capture Software Vertical Markets Reports

This report identifies and quantifies vertical markets, providing a review by categorised by geography. Verticals include Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and more.  

Additional reports

We also publish quarterly summaries on capture software with updated forecast revenues. These reports include news and special reports based on current market events.

Other Publications:

Forms Processing/Data Capture Study

This study has been used by more than 1 000 industry professionals as the benchmark survey of the capture software industry.

Document Imaging Report

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