Is ICR Technology Underutilized?

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Don Dew of advanced document recognition ISV Parascript recently authored an article on the benefits of intelligent character recognition (IDR) technology that he has asked us to share with you. It discusses how ICR technology is underutilized on documents that include handprint and even cursive writing.

Here’s an excerpt from Dew’s article, “From name, address, social security number, phone number, or any other unconstrained or cursive information entered on a form, advanced ICR solutions can capture this data with a high degree of accuracy and make it available for use within the organization. Based on research performed by AIIM and Parascript last year, only 6% of organizations are automating this level of recognition. At the same time, survey participants estimated that they would achieve a considerable level of productivity savings if they were able to automate the recognition of hand-written text.”

Here’s the link to Dew’s complete article on our DIR Web site.

Just for some background, Parascript develops advanced recognition technology that does both OCR and ICR. Historically, it has been best known for its cursive recognition, which is utilized by the USPS in their envelope and parcel sorting operations. Parascript also offers a document recognition-centric toolkit that includes both OCR and ICR. Parascript recently released a new version of this SDK, as well as a new version of its FormXtra Capture application, which it is moving through a recently revamped reseller program.

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