KnowledgeLake Intelligent Document Processing Platform Supports Microsoft Azure Government

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Public sector organizations can leverage the KnowledgeLake platform to manage content and data residing within the Microsoft Azure Government-dedicated cloud environment

ST. LOUIS — July 21, 2021 — KnowledgeLake, a leading provider of intelligent document capture and processing solutions, today announced the company’s customers now have the ability to leverage its platform in concert with the Microsoft Azure for Government platform to securely automate critical business processes while ensuring regulatory compliance in the cloud.

Providing the highest level of security and compliance, Microsoft Azure Government uses physically isolated datacenters and networks to deliver scalable, secure cloud computing. Organizations using Azure Gov Cloud can now seamlessly deploy KnowledgeLake’s document automation solutions without content and data leaving Azure’s dedicated government cloud environment.

“Customers on the largest government cloud provider now have unprecedented, seamless access to our intelligent capture, processing, and content management services, providing them the support they need to meet the scale, security, and compliance requirements of these demanding public sectors,” said Ron Cameron, CEO of KnowledgeLake. “We are proud to be one of the first providers to deliver true intelligent document processing including capture, RPA, and AI-enhanced capabilities via the Azure Government platform.”

In addition to increased speed, performance, and workflow capabilities, KnowledgeLake’s Azure Government support also opens a door to new resources and other benefits for Azure Government customers, including connectivity with:

●        Azure Active directory for user and group management

●        Azure Locations (Storage and cosmos DB) for use of a limitless scale content repository

●        Azure SQL & Azure Functions to build content-centric solutions

●        Email Import from Gov Email Server to ingest email messages and attachments from Exchange Online into content automation processes

For more information on KnowledgeLake for Azure Government Cloud or to request a demo, visit the KnowledgeLake website.

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