Kofax Deal May Top Them All

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The theme on our blog all week has been the preponderance of large capture software deals that have been announced recently. This included a $7.5 million Latin American deal by Brainware. Not sure if today’s announced deal by Kofax is quite that large, but it is billed as being worth in the “mid-seven figure dollar amount” to Kofax. So, it’s somewhere around a $5 million sale to U.S. government agency for a “large-scale nationwide capture project.”

The sale includes a slew of  Kofax products, including KTM (Kofax Transformation Modules for intelligent data capture) and the Kofax Front Officer server for capture from MFPs. This is also a part of a trend of seven-figure MFP capture deals, as NSi and Nuance were each involved very large sales of MFP capture software last year. The NSi deal was also with a Federal government agency – the DoD.

Let’s hope these trends continue.

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