Kofax: A Go-To Partner for MS in SPA

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A couple weeks ago, Kofax announced it would make an insurance claims processing solution available for demonstration as part of an engagement at Microsoft Technology Centers (KTC) worldwide. Here’s our blog post discussing that announcement. It mainly focuses on Kofax’s moving its technology to a cloud environment.

We were also wondering how significant this was regarding Kofax’s relationship with Microsoft. Here’s the reply we received from Dermot McCauley, VP, solutions product marketing, for Kofax: “The Kofax Agile Claims demonstration supports the Microsoft partnership by providing innovative technologies that allow us to offer a more complete customer solution and meet their customer’s exact needs. These resources shorten the time required to develop a customer demonstration by removing traditional barriers and reduces the total cost of solution acquisition while providing compelling customer value. Drawing on the integrated innovation of Kofax Total Agility, the Microsoft Technology Center can be a powerful resource for customer organizations.  

“Additionally, the KTA offering potentially influences Microsoft licensing including Azure, Dynamics, SQL Server, SharePoint, O365, Exchange, Lync, and Bing. As we continue to roll-out this demonstration globally, Microsoft team members in the field will look to Kofax as a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile of customer interactions.”

It seems as if he is trying to position Kofax as a go-to partner for MS in the SP space. That’s not a bad thing.

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