Konica Minolta Rebrands Its ECM Division

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Practice Renamed Intelligent Information Management to Reflect End-to-end Value Proposition

Ramsey, NJ — Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce it has completed an extensive rebrand of its enterprise content management (ECM) product portfolio and organizational design in an effort to support customers with their digital transformation (DX). Moving forward, Konica Minolta will use Intelligent Information Management (IIM) as an all-encompassing term for its content, process and analytics services in support of the digital workforce.

As the ECM industry has evolved in recent years, Konica Minolta has kept pace by expanding its capabilities beyond standard automated workflow, offering business process automation, robotic process automation, analytics and more. By rebranding and creating a dedicated practice, Konica Minolta aims to accelerate its DX efforts and expand its capabilities in the area of professional services coupled with valued-added software-as-a-service offerings.

Sam Errigo, Konica Minolta

“Konica Minolta continues to advance our DX strategy with ongoing investments in strategic partnerships, advanced workflow capabilities and organizational design in an effort to better serve our customers in areas that are essential to driving business transformation,” said Sam Errigo, COO, Konica Minolta. “As one of our core business areas, the IIM branding demonstrates our commitment to growth in emerging facets of the intelligent connected workplace.”

In an ever-changing digital landscape, business operations must become more efficient to thrive. With more companies welcoming remote or hybrid workspaces, it’s more important than ever to adopt new digital processes and intelligent technology that will maintain crucial workflows and business continuity. By eliminating dependence on paper documents, organizing unstructured information according to business need and streamlining processes, organizations are able to work more efficiently than ever before, empowered with greater business intelligence.

As IIM, Konica Minolta has refined the pillars within this practice, with all solutions scalable to serve customers of all sizes. These pillars include:

  • Workflow Process Collaboration and Management
  • Content and Case Management
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation
  • Business Process Automation and Analytics
  • Business Process Management
Ron Thompson, Jr., Konica Minolta

“In our IIM practice, it’s becoming more than just digitizing information and taking digital content and allowing for storage, access, security and workflow. It’s extended beyond that to include a host of other functions that are designed to make business process operations more intelligent, simplified and more efficient,” said Ron Thompson Jr., Vice President, IIM, Konica Minolta. “Our practice continues to evolve, and by connecting all of these intelligent digital solutions together under one umbrella, we are truly creating a digital platform for our customers that supports the intelligent connected workplace.”

Learn more about Konica Minolta’s IIM services online.

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