Live From SharePoint Conference

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This place is really alive. It’s a nice change from most recent conference/exhibitions that I’ve been to. Instead of people complaining about how dead the event it, I’m seeing plenty of busy vendors here. I just sat through a full presentation in the Laserfiche booth – so the interest in imaging is obviously. I’m interested to see what sort of attendance I get at my panel presentation on image-enabling SharePoint in another hour or so.

The crowd is mostly an IT crowd, a lot of SharePoint integrators, both in-house and external contractors. The general consensus, granted, it’s a fairly biased crowd, is that traditional ECM ISVs better embrace SharePoint or die. As expected SharePoint 2010 has plenty of document management upgrades. Apparently, even though 2007 represented a significant upgrade over past versions, it was still fairly short as Microsoft corporate VP Jeff Teper said the company tried to make as many improvements as possible based on the 20 document/content management suggestions it got.

This includes upgrades in areas like scabability, search, records management, workflow, and a few other areas.

More later.

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