SharePoint Conference continued

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Had to chance to attend a session yesterday given by the KnowledgeLake CTO and another KLake developer. They discussed some of the details behind SharePoint’s improved document management features. A lot of scalability and search issues have certainly been addressed, as well as some records management stuff.We’ll get into details in our newsletter, but suffice to say that with a few tools added on SharePoint can do a better job of image management than it historically has. Of course there is still no viewer and we’re not sure the out-of-the-box workflow is quite there….

The session I presented on Imaging-enabling MOSS was a bit disappointing in the attendance. Of course, they moved the room following all eCopy’s marketing efforts…anyhow, it sounds like some people are just starting to do basic document image and retrieval – at least our panel members from Nike and Arizona State were, but I still haven’t seen much high-volume transaction content management in SharePoint.

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