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HSA is the leading analysis and consulting company specializing in  Capture 2.0 Services – including technologies supporting understanding of unstructured  media; data capture; and recognition – for utilization in business processes. HSA analyzes the worldwide market and trends for Capture 2.0 Services and conducts and creates a variety of industry studies. We also publish research papers and instructional material on the Capture industry and speak at leading conferences in the capture market. The annual HSA Capture 2.0 Conference is the only conference designed for vendors involved or interested in this market.

Major Reports

The first three publications form the core of the Capture 2.0 Market Analytics Subscription service offered by HSA. In addition to the reports, clients receive quarterly information updates, specific country reports, and ‘as needed’ access to HSA’s expertise and assistance on questions relating to the document capture market.

You can  REQUEST THE TOC PDF’s for the first three documents.

For more information on becoming a subscriber, please contact: Harvey Spencer Associates

2010-11_worldwide_market Worldwide Market for Capture Software Report
This annually updated report is the recognized standard for study of the worldwide market for software used to capture documents. Widely quoted and available to clients of HSA, this 75 page report segments and dissects the $4.7 billion software market by major geographic areas; by main categories; vertical markets; leading vendors – and identifies key trends. (covering 2018 actuals with projections to 2023)

The Leading Capture Software Vendor Report  

This report details vendor strategic position and ability to execute on that strategy.  The report provides background on 20 Capture software companies outlining strengths and challenges.


The Worldwide Document Capture Software Vertical Markets Reports 

These reports identify and quantify vertical markets: Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing and Other Verticals.  This report provides a review of vertical markets by geographic region.

summary_reports Also published are quarterly summary capture software reports updating revenues with encapsulation of news items and also special reports as market situations warrant to keep clients informed.

Other Publications

 2015-04-01 19:08:41 +00001 AIIM Webinar – How to Start Planning Your Capture 2.0 Strategy A Capture 2.0 primer as participants explore capture technologies, identify the role of Capture 2.0 and begin the planning process to implement Capture 2.0 solutions.
Forms Processing/Data Capture Study 
This study, builds on a 2000 survey conducted by HSA that has been used by over 1,000 industry professionals as the benchmarking survey of the capture industry.
formsbook  Automated Forms Processing – A Primer The Automated Forms Processing primer is a beginner level book explaining the technologies, processes and costs associated with capturing data automatically from business forms.  For more information contact: [email protected]


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